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Karuna Chinchkhede B.E., IPHM

Bachelor of Engg (Computers)

QHHT Level 2, AURA, Quantum Touch, BQH certified

Hypnosis(National Guild of Hypnosis certified)

Certified in Clinical Hypnosis
Channeling and Mediumship


I 'knew' things. I could not explain how, but I knew. I believe, as a result of intense mediation in my mid twenties, my gift of knowing became even stronger. I knew the truth even before it was uttered, so I could tell who was telling lie and who was authentic. It caused conflicts in my immediate circle. I shut this gift down telling myself that I was not to challenge other's truth until I knew more of myself.


Learning Dolores Cannon's QHHT was my tapping into the world of universal consciousness and making sense of my knowing.  Remote Spirit Release was my personal journey opening other psychic senses.   Spirit world is unseen, positive and not positive energies within it. Discerning one from another using minimum two other physical senses is what I got myself practicing. 

I am here now to set myself on the path that is for me, by me to assist others on their path, to assist them in finding their path, getting comfortably on navigating to it.

I am happy and honored to be in a place to do it.

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